Kim Byrd attended Eastern New Mexico University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and emphasis in Biomedical Science. She then went on to receive her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at the University of New Mexico.

Kim started her career with the University of New Mexico Cancer Center where she aided in outpatient post-operative management of patients with a multitude of cancers. She then transitioned to the Plastic, Burn and Reconstructive Surgery department. Here she served as a surgical First Assist and gained extensive experience on both reconstructive and cosmetic cases. It was through this experience she first saw the power in one’s self-confidence and its role in a person’s overall well-being. She is now proudly attempting to Change the face of aesthetic medicine to help patients enhance their own confidence in their appearance by utilizing cosmetic injectables.


She offers open-minded care utilizing techniques from a western medicine platform while integrating functional and integrated medicine. She wholeheartedly believes that true health is achieved by treating and enhancing mind, body, spirit, and the confidence with which a person presents them self to the world. Kim will never claim to know all the answers, but can unequivocally say that she has, and will always strive to be the most caring, detailed and most fierce advocate for anyone who places them self in her care.