Linda was born in the state of Michoacan in Mexico. She moved to California at age 15 and pursued her passion for food, enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America, where she received her ADOS (Associate Degree in Occupational Studies). Upon graduation, Linda moved to Europe and got her BA in International Relations with Development Studies at the University of Sussex in England.

In 2000, what was initially thought to be just a short trip to Durango turned into “love at first sight” for the town and, ultimately, for the people and the lifestyle.

As happens with so many transplants into the Durango  community, Linda experienced the challenges of the local job market and took it upon herself to set up a stand at the local farmer’s market. Linda sold handmade, organic corn tamales. This ultimately evolved into a successful 14 year adventure with a small restaurant that became well known for specializing in sourcing local organic produce and for fostering strong relationships of mutual support with local organic farmers.

During this time, based on her own disenchantment with conventional medicine, Linda’s personal health care was always supported through Namaste Health Center.

This became a relationship that grew over time as Linda was able to provide meals that served the nutritional needs of some of the patients at the clinic.

Furthermore, the knowledge and approach of Namaste professionals was a huge source of information for Linda, when her older sister in Mexico was diagnosed with cancer. Through her research into her sister’s condition, the relationship between food and health became paramount to every aspect of Linda’s life, including what she served her clients at the restaurant.

The other area that became clear in this journey, was how stress was affecting her own health. Thus, the decision to sell the business and simplify life was a natural next step on her path.

These personal experiences led Linda to research further into the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, emotions and health. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book Biology of Belief was the scientific link that she had been looking for. A lecture presented by Dr. Lipton introduced her to a kinesiology based modality that offers an easy, pain free and effective way of reprogramming subconscious beliefs. This modality emphasizes moving from beliefs that have a negative impact on overall health and well-being into those that are positive and thus, life enriching. 

Through extensive training and practice, and later with her own private clients, Linda has come to understand the unique qualities of this work. Each individual Linda has worked with has brought their own stories, beliefs, needs and perspectives into what is truly a process of mutual growth and discovery. It has been a humbling and exciting experience to be able to facilitate change that can have a radical impact on the lives of the person experiencing the changes, and also on the lives of those around them. Linda has experienced the benefits of this work in her own life and in her own personal growth.

Linda is delighted to be able to become part of the Namaste team, where she is now able to support the practitioners  and their patients in the clinic. Linda is looking forward to exploring the possibilities of this collaboration.