Have you noticed that some people appear to flow through life, while others seem to always be struggling and repeating the same old patterns? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between them?

There is growing scientific evidence that there is more to these differences than just individual personalities traits, genetic composition, or life circumstances.

Stem cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, discovered that our beliefs and not our genes (as was previously thought) determine the reality of our lives and our health.

It is now clear that some of us have been conditioned by our perceived experiences since early childhood to be afraid of different things, to think that we can’t achieve our desired goals in life, or to hold beliefs that directly impact how we view our bodies and our ability to stay healthy.

Through his research Dr. Lipton found that beliefs plus thoughts, combined with our words, actions and habits, inform and shape our reality. This perceived reality can impact our physical well-being.

It is now possible to replace beliefs that are not beneficial to us by applying simple, fun and powerfulchange processes at the level of the subconscious mind, that effectively create a renewed and more satisfying everyday experience.

Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.
— Henry Ford
Men often become what they believe themselves to be.
— Mahatma Gandhi

The following are some of the areas where the benefits of this work can be seen:

-Healthier relationship with yourself and your body

-Grief and loss resolution

-Release from the impact of stressful experiences (i.e.

accidents, upcoming surgery or treatments)

-Inner peace

-Support in allergy alleviation

-A more holistic recovery from injuries and pain

-Change in habits that are stopping you from

reaching your goals in life

-Reduced stress

-Achievingdesired changes in diet

-Identification and replacement of beliefs that might be keeping you from being healthy

-Transforming the perception and anxiety around a diagnosis


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Linda Illsley, Health and Well-Being Facilitator,  offers this modality at the Namaste Health Center. She would love the opportunity to share more details of how she can work to support you in moving beyond subconscious obstacles into abundant health and well being.

For more info call 970-903-0797, and for appointments call Namaste at 970-247- 2043 or contact Linda below.


Working with Linda has been a “safe place” to resolve conflicts and emotions I didn’t realize I was still carrying inside. An amazing healing process.  Thank you, Linda.
Tapping into the subconscious is a powerful way to make a shift in one’s life. Linda has shared her amazing gift as a facilitator with me in a loving, safe and fun way. The changes are subtle at first, but the impact is powerful. Linda’s enthusiasm for this modality is infectious. I thank her for sharing it with me. I’m walking with a lighter step and with a BIG smile on my face.
— MV