"My Namaste experience in just 3 days has been amazing!!

The level of knowledge, love of mankind and dedication is beyond anything I've ever experienced.  I am so glad I came out- the warmth and support you receive when you walk in the door puts you totally at ease immediately! 

Everything has gone very smoothly and  busy! Can't believe the difference one session on the Rife machine for  Interstitial Pneumonitis has made in the quality of my breathing........So improved!  Much longer periods of time without O2 at this elevation!

I had a very good session with Jess. I now have a much clearer understanding of IF; 5-2 is definitely doable. I will go back to full on Keto once I am home.

What little I have already learned from my 23andme results BLOWS me away!!  Really looking forward to the full evaluation with Steve later this month. Please thank him for answering Jess' present email.

I feel like I am at the Medical Namaste Spa!! And most likely I won't want to go home!

Thank you so very much..........for EVERYTHING!!!

With deep appreciation and love,  JE"

JE, Client