Most people who come to this clinic know they will be seeing an alternative provider but aren’t necessarily clear about what that means. So let us take a moment to clarify our training, philosophy, and practice.

What distinguishes Naturopathic doctors and Oriental Medicine Practitioners are not just the therapies we use, but also our philosophy.

First, we treat individuals, not their diagnosis. We don’t have protocols for specific diseases. As unique as we are in our genetics, life experiences, mental and emotional styles, such as what stresses us and what makes us happy, lifestyles such as diet, exercise, amount of sleep, health histories, injuries, illnesses, etc, we are also that unique in the way we go out of balance and what it takes for us to get back into balance.

Second, we treat holistically. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are absolutely, inextricably, an integrated whole. If it’s happening in the heart and mind, it’s happening in the body. If it’s happening in the body, it’s happening in the heart and mind. You cannot separate them. We are also a part of the whole in the context of our environment, family, friends, job, the time of year, season, etc. All of these have an impact on the balance of your health. Often we think it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but really it’s the whole load. So, we look at all the things that are compromising your health and look to restore balance in all those areas. You’ll find we ask a wide variety of questions, not only about what is happening in your body, but in all aspects of your life.

Third, we treat the underlying imbalances. We don’t want to just stop symptoms but rather address the underlying causes of those symptoms. A good, simple analogy is that if you’ve got garbage, you’ll draw flies. Someone might come in complaining of flies, so you’d pullout the bug spray and the fly swatter and get rid of that batch of flies. But if you don’t clear out the garbage it will get worse and even more flies will return. We look to clean out the garbage.

Fourth, we look to support the natural healing process. If there is something obstructing or blocking the process, we remove the obstacle and if there is a deficiency that is preventing the healing process, we nourish that deficiency so, through the body and being’s own innate wisdom, the healing will happen.