Passions: Wellness, The Great Outdoors, Transformation

Goals: Well-being for all, transformation for all who are interested

Pillars of Health:

• Relationships—with self, others, creator

• Health—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual

• Time/Money/Freedom

• Vocation/Accomplishments/Successes

Techniques I use: Mind-Body Medicine, positivity, character strengths, life skills, medical and nursing training, functional medicine, food as medicine, quantum mechanics.

Ms. Radcliffe runs 5 day retreats throughout the year. Locations and outdoor excursions change depending on the time of year. All retreats teach mind-body skills, values, character strengths, positivity, and focus on self love, self awareness and self care. Retreats at Carly’s Place also include cooking, food as medicine and sleeping outdoors.

When not coaching or teaching, Bronwyn, husband Reed and dog Carly spend time outside; biking, skiing, hiking, or backpacking. Bronwyn enjoys creative sewing, adventure cooking, traveling, researching and writing. Bronwyn is the proud mother of four lovely, self sufficient, grown children who are now having children and leading healthy, productive lives.