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An amazing manifester who takes to heart the idiom, “be careful what you wish for”. A lover of the wild she feels most at home in an outdoor setting that provides peaceful solitude and sheds tears when she witnesses the destruction of our planet. What inspires her to get up in the morning are her colleagues and the people she works to support by keeping her eye on the details in order to make Namasté run as smoothly as possible. With a lifetime of customer service behind her Cyd misses the one on one contact she had with the clients in her former position in the office and realizes that her talents in understanding human nature and knowing what is expected, required and needed by those that frequent the center are what keep her motivated working behind the scenes.

Cyd has an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Biology, certification in elementary and special education and has completed a wholistic kinesiology training. Her interest in alternative healing practices is what drew her to work at Namasté three years ago. Cyd considers herself a jack of all trades and master of none and continues to actively search for ways to recognize and manifest her place in the world. Besides music Cyd’s passions are Lyric and Wyllow her creative, funny, intelligent, beautiful children of whom she is in awe.