About SNPs

SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) are incredibly complex in their application & implications within the body, and require a thorough analysis for use in a clinical context. This type of analysis goes far beyond what anyone is doing with genetics currently.

SNP Consultation:  What to Expect

Steve Ottersberg, MS in Organic & Biochemistry, will analyze, interpret, and compile all findings into a report for you, and also review his findings with your practitioner. Steve has studied nutritional chemistry, run an environmental chemistry lab, taught in medical schools & undergraduate settings, and will offer a deep understanding of your epigenetics.

Steve spends between 3 & 4 hours per person analyzing and compiling the information from all the data into comprehensive & meaningful reports for clinical practitioners. He then will meet with you individually for a 1-hour consult to discuss his findings, as well as follow-with with your practitioner to give his report & recommendations. The fee is $200.00 and includes the report, the consultation with Steve, and his follow-up consultation with your practitioner.

To Schedule An Appointment: Email Steve at steve@namastehealthcenter.com

About 23andMe

23andme is a salivary test that uses your DNA information to help you know more about your health so you can take an active role in managing it. With reports on over 240+ health conditions and traits, here are a few of the things you’ll learn about you:

  • Carrier Status
  • Health Risks
  • Drug Response
  • Health Tools
  • Inherited Risks
  • Ancestral Roots

For Cancer: Practitioners use these results to look for SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that can impact methylation in the body, which then impacts how you respond to chemotherapy, radiation, or other therapeutic modalities.

A Note from Steve regarding 23andMe

Because we never used the disease propensity information provided by 23 and Me (it is just fear based medicine), we were never outside of the FDA rules.  People can still get their ansestry information and raw data from 23 and Me.  We will offer interpretation of the raw data under the supervision of licensed medical providers. We will continue to provide medical treatment plans for Namaste patients with the raw data from 23 and Me.