A Few Clarifications on Our Use of Mistletoe Therapy

A Few Clarifications on Our Use of Mistletoe Therapy

Andrea Rossi, CNTP

Namaste Health Center frequently receives inquiries regarding our use of mistletoe therapy in support of individuals with cancer.   During these calls, we receive similar types of questions and this article will hopefully aid in expressing our approach to mistletoe therapy, and also offer a glimpse into how we approach personalized integrative oncology care.

Question 1:  Can mistletoe therapy as a stand-alone treatment turn around my cancer diagnosis?

Clarification:  Maybe.  Maybe, for just that “right” person with all the “right” internal conditions, mistletoe is that one stand-alone treatment that turns the tide from “cancering” to “thriving.”  But mostly no. 

Mistletoe is only helpful when certain biochemical processes are in place, and usually requires significant dietary & lifestyle changes to help strengthen and target the use of mistletoe.  A fish in clean water with lots of food sources is much stronger and more mobile than a fish in dirty water with hazardous plastic and other barriers- therapies in general are only good within the context we use them.  Without addressing the body’s terrain, most therapies are rendered less effective, others even useless.

Also, there are many tools in the toolshed and not all of them are appropriate to use- when you have leaves to rake, why pull out the hammer?  When you have flowers to water, trying to carry it on a broom makes no sense- we choose the therapies based on what the body needs based on your blood-work, which is individual always.

To reiterate:  What therapies we use, even how we use them, this is always individualized- based on your health history, your blood work, your diet, your stressors because all of these things make up your very unique, very wonderful body.  And that is who we help: You.  Not the cancer, not the tumor, not your sickness.  We support you in your entirety.

Question 2:  My friend/co-worker/internet forum member said that it was the mistletoe that cured his/her cancer - can it do the same for me?

Clarification:  Your friend may very well feel that is the case, but on our end, it is very rare (i.e. we have yet to see it) that someone would have gone into remission without dietary, lifestyle, supplemental or other assistance.  Mistletoe only addresses one pathway that proliferates (or urges on) a cancering state.  When we merge into traffic, only paying attention to one lane of traffic can be lethal- we have to be aware of everything moving along the highway to stay safe and make good driving decisions.  And, when we assess your terrain, your unique ecosystem and internal connections, we then generate a comprehensive plan meant to bring you into balance and make your body hostile to tumor-growth.  The weed cannot survive in a nourished soil.

Question 3:  If I begin working with Namaste, will I eventually be able to use mistletoe?

Clarification:  No, not necessarily, not generally.  There are some people that mistletoe therapy is not appropriate for, would actually cause more harm than good, and we can only know whether it is a good “match” after we see your lab results.  Once we get this information, then we determine whether it is a good fit or not.  It all depends on your body, your blood, your terrain.

Mistletoe therapy, any therapy, has extraordinary potential when given the right circumstances to flourish.  We are most interested in you- we know what these therapies do, we know when to use them and when not to.  But, the rest, well that is a mystery until we meet, until we “look under the hood."  So, please feel free to learn about mistletoe, to share liberally the information on the many wide and wonderful modalities that are accessible for our bodies- remembering that there truly are an infinite amount of ways to heal- to meet the healing needs of our many varied bodied terrains.