What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-Body Medicine is a powerful way in which you can hear and heal yourself. Tried and true techniques, some ancient, some modern, all backed by research, are utilized to help you access your inner knowing, calm yourself and see how your beliefs, emotions, self talk, habits, and patterns of daily living impact your life. Developing mindfulness around your habits, beliefs and how you respond to life is the beginning of transformation.

Here’s what develops in Mind-Body groups:

  • A stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life

  • A deeper connection to themselves, their families and communities

  • Better sleep

  • A decrease in depression and anxiety with a heightened sense of well being and engagement in life

  • Better coping skills by learning a dependable range of useful tools for managing pain, chronic stress, anxiety and depression

  • Enhanced immune system functioning to help the body mobilize itself against illness

  • Greater self awareness and positive perceptions about their own lives, making it easier to handle stress and illness

  • A community of peers

  • Greater connection to self & others

  • Fewer physical symptoms of illness such as less pain and fatigue and more energy

The basic Mind-Body techniques you will learn:

  • Meditation - Learn to live a peaceful and meaningful life in just 20 minutes a day.

  • Guided Imagery - Use your imagination to help you through any situation.

  • Mindfulness - Learn an effective technique for breaking bad habits and/or incorporating new habits.

  • Biofeedback - Discover your body’s natural abilities to relax and self-calm at your command.

  • Breath-work - Enhance your health, reduce anxiety, and increase relaxation by breathing more fully.

  • Movement - Ecstatic dance allows you to become aware of your body’s natural response, release stress, and increase energy.

  • Drawing - Learn what your subconscious mind has to tell you.

  • Journaling - See and understand your thoughts without judgment, and develop your self awareness.

  • Food as Medicine - Food is information and energy. What you eat matters. Learn how to feed your body what it needs.