Where the mind goes energy flows.
— Ernest Holmes

Mind-Body Medicine

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Pure Bioenergy Therapy

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What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-Body Medicine is a powerful way in which you can hear and heal yourself. Tried and true techniques, some ancient, some modern, all backed by research, are utilized to help you access your inner knowing, calm yourself and see how your beliefs, emotions, self talk, habits, and patterns of daily living impact your life. Developing mindfulness around your habits, beliefs and how you respond to life is the beginning of transformation.

Here’s what develops in Mind-Body groups:

  • A stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life

  • A deeper connection to themselves, their families and communities

  • Better sleep

  • A decrease in depression and anxiety with a heightened sense of well being and engagement in life

  • Better coping skills by learning a dependable range of useful tools for managing pain, chronic stress, anxiety and depression

  • Enhanced immune system functioning to help the body mobilize itself against illness

  • Greater self awareness and positive perceptions about their own lives, making it easier to handle stress and illness

  • A community of peers

  • Greater connection to self & others

  • Fewer physical symptoms of illness such as less pain and fatigue and more energy

The basic Mind-Body techniques you will learn:

  • Meditation - Learn to live a peaceful and meaningful life in just 20 minutes a day.

  • Guided Imagery - Use your imagination to help you through any situation.

  • Mindfulness - Learn an effective technique for breaking bad habits and/or incorporating new habits.

  • Biofeedback - Discover your body’s natural abilities to relax and self-calm at your command.

  • Breath-work - Enhance your health, reduce anxiety, and increase relaxation by breathing more fully.

  • Movement - Ecstatic dance allows you to become aware of your body’s natural response, release stress, and increase energy.

  • Drawing - Learn what your subconscious mind has to tell you.

  • Journaling - See and understand your thoughts without judgment, and develop your self awareness.

  • Food as Medicine - Food is information and energy. What you eat matters. Learn how to feed your body what it needs.


Coaching is about wellness. It offers possibilities over pathology. It promotes insight and integration and creates a safe environment where you can see yourself more clearly. Coaching is distinguished from therapy, consulting, and teaching by three interconnecting principals:

  1. You are the expert in your life.

  2. You are responsible for your choices.

  3. The focus is on desired outcomes.

When you are not moving in the direction of your dreams or your purpose, you feel tight, constricted, or dis-eased.  When you are in alignment with your true nature, that dis-ease dissipates and over time goes away. You feel more energetic and alive. 

Where is the focus in your life? Look around you and you will know.


Where would you like the focus of your life to be?


How can Coaching help you? 

Coaching is for anyone who wants to live better life and be successful in their own terms. Coaching helps many develop insight and reach their goals.  Read on to see how coaching can help you.

  • Coaching will help you identify what’s important in your life. Together we will identify your values and goals and help you develop direction. Having direction will accelerate your success.

  • Coaching will help you reach your potential. As coaches, we help you get serious about your goals, motivating you to “step it up”.

  • Coaching helps keep you focused. Defining specific goals and creating a plan with little steps and mini goals will decrease the sense of overwhelm, making it easier to stay focused and achieve that end goal.

  • A coach makes you accountable. Gently sitting on your shoulder whispering in your ear, “You can do it. Take the next step,” your coach will help overcome your obstacles so you can stay on track.

  • Coaching saves you time and unnecessary stress.  Having someone to help you figure out all the steps saves you valuable time and stress. A coach will help you move from point A to point B, so you get there faster.

  • Coaching increases your confidence. A coach can help you see what you have already accomplished and what is working for you. A coach helps you maintain focus on positivity, gratitude, potential, values, and the DREAM! This keeps you motivated.

  • Coaching helps you train your brain. Athletes do it, and so can you. Your brain is full of neural pathways that are really just learned patterns. If bad habits are learned, they can be unlearned. There is research to show it can be done! Mind-Body Medicine, with the help of a coach, is a great way to retrain your brain, helping you create habits you want and eliminate the ones you don’t want.

  • Coaching helps you understand yourself better and identify blind spots. A coach offers an outsider’s perspective and can help you see blocks or blind spots that keep you stuck. A coach will help you analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement while helping you see what is working in your life. As you understand yourself better, you can work on becoming who you want to be and achieve the success you deserve and desire.

  • Coaching can help you improve your leadership skills. Working with a coach you will become a better listener and learn to ask more powerful questions. You can apply your new skills to all areas of your life.

  • Coaching will boost your overall well-being. As you understand yourself better, learn skills to sustain change, focus on what’s really important, see progress toward your goals, learn listening skills and improve your time management, you turn down the stress response, decreasing blood pressure, blood sugar, cortisol, cholesterol, and inflammation. You turn up the relaxation response, allowing for rest. You work smarter, your relationships improve, you sleep better, your immune system works better, and you feel supported and happier. When you feel happier and less stressed, so does everyone around you. Your life will change for the better!

What is Pure Bioenergy Therapy?

The human body is energy. Energy runs through us and we have many names for it: prana, chi, spirit, etc. The human body is also surrounded by a field of energy we cannot see. We call this our aura or bio-field. It is a matrix, the environment in which we develop. This matrix is our defense, our immune system and it holds all the information of health and well-being, the highest potential. Illness or disease is the body adapting to an abnormal environment. The bio-field holds your highest, fullest potential. When this information is brought into the physical body, it informs the body to health.

How does it work?

As an advanced Purebioenergist, Dr. Bronwyn Radcliffe will support your health by guiding the pure bio-energy into the physical body to inform/entrain the body to health. This is an easy, simple, pain-free and fun modality for healing.

What does it heal?

Anything! Excellent results for the scary things, like tumors, cancer, lupus, lyme, long standing viruses, MS, Autism, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimers. It helps with depression, anxiety, insomnia, strokes, heart attacks, Diabetes I & II, autoimmune issues, and so much more. Want to know if it’ll help you? Call us!

How long does it take?

Four consecutive days, approximately at the same time. Then you wait 10-20 days. If you need more, the four days are repeated. Some things take longer than others to heal. The longer you have had the problem, the longer it takes to heal. A problem lasting 20 years will take much longer than something you’ve had for 2 years. There is no set answer. Time will tell.

I want to maintain health. Will it help me?

Yes, this is a great way to support your general well-being. Four days, every 3-4 months will give you lasting health, fixing things before they become a problem. If you are an athlete and want to boost performance, 4 days of treatment before an event will help you remain calm, focused, and full of health.

Can I do this at a distance?

Yes! You can. Again, it is four days of treatment at approximately the same day, each day. You will need to be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed, have an internet or phone connection, and be able to sit still for the duration of the treatment.

What does it cost?

The summer special (May 2019 - August 2019) is $300 for 4 sessions.

How can I sign up?

Call us and make an appointment for Pure Bio-energy!