It has been a wonderful experience! Just wish I could have stayed longer. I’ll be back, though!
— W.J - September 2019
Namaste has been awesome! I feel very blessed to have been here for 2 weeks. I enjoyed every second! Everyone was so caring and loving.
— S.S - September 2019
Namaste has very knowledgeable practitioners. It was very nice and such a positive experience! I enjoyed seeing myself get better and have more energy. This is a wonderful place!
— D.T. - September 2019
I am very thankful to God that I was able to come to Durango to Namaste for 3 weeks of treatment with Misletoe! I have been battling cancer for 14 months and looks like this was the way I had to go to fight cancer. I would be having more and more chemo, if not for Namaste. I found that Mistletoe is a game-changer for getting better and that my body will fight and keep me from having cancer again! I am very excited to have found this clinic and Dr. Stacy, as well as her knowledge on nutrition and how to build up our immune systems to make us stronger to fight off cancer and all kinds of diseases!
The staff is amazing and all bring a part to complete the whole body, mind, and spirit for healing!
I highly recommend that if you are fighting cancer, do yourself a huge favor and come to Durango to Namaste and get help for getting well! Thank you all for amazing experiences. I love you all!
— S.S - August 2019
Wow. What a life-changing experience I’ve had here. I feel like my whole understanding of cancer, health, lifestyle, energy, and nutrition finally make sense comprehensively. What a relief and a blessing. Every person I encountered during my 3 weeks was truly special and loving. I truly learned some life-changing daily practices and treatment approaches that I’ll be forever grateful for and sharing!
— R.K - July 2019
This has truly been the most amazing adventure of my life! All of you work together so well to make a patient not only feel better physically, but also mentally and spiritually. A person feels positive from the minute they walk through the door. Kathleen has not only helped me so much here at Namaste, but she has also taught me how to continue once I get home. Acupuncture and hydrotherapy with Molly left me feeling great for the rest of the day! I feel so lucky to have found Namaste and started this AMAZING road I am now traveling. A big thank you to everyone! Namaste has not only made me a better person, but it has made me a happier one, too.
— P.T - July 2019
I’ve enjoyed everything! Every little bit, including the people and the sweetness of the energy. Everyone is committed to the betterment of themselves and others. Molly was so funny. It was a great way to start my day. The treatments produced noticeable shifts and total enjoyment. Bronwyn was so caring and committed. I’ve had several major insights about where I store stagnant energy while with her. Mary Anne offers the best bodywork sessions, and she’s totally insightful, delightful, and awesome. Kathleen has a gentle and sweet spirit! Ciara offered great pointers and answered some questions that I hadn’t been clear on. Dr. Stacy continues to be so enthusiastic and thorough. Cyd — just yesss! Wyn was adorable and cheerful. She is so efficient and a treat to greet. Thank you, everyone!
— R.K - July 2019
There is not any one thing I would say I enjoyed most! During my massage, the use of various essential oils and learning about the benefits of each was extremely helpful. Kathleen as my nurse and my healer was phenomenal!! Her demeanor of joy, calm, and “I have you!” was reassuring. Dr. Stacy is vivacious, helpful, and obviously interested in her patient’s well-being. I appreciated all of her suggestions and could trust that I was in good hands. Ciara was a delight! I felt a connection with her even though she sounded quite young. I sense she is quite accomplished and “knows her stuff”, and I trust she will be a valuable addition to my “team” going forward! Cyd and Wyn, what can I say? They are super organizers and always have a smile or a kind word. I am amazed at all of the resources they also provided and the willingness to “find out” something if they didn’t know it! All in all, I’ll be talking/shouting out about this experience to all who will listen! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like a new person - spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. I have not felt this good in 2.5 years!
— K.F - July 2019
I am thrilled! Everything was better than I could have expected. I felt that I was treated as an individual, which was unusual having come from a western medicine background. Treatments were given by special, caring people who obviously are passionate, knowledgable, and willing to share their expertise.
— K.F - July 2019
My experience at Namaste was fabulous. The staff was amazing. Everyone felt so kind, enjoyable, and personable. I truly felt in my heart the compassion, support, and love. Each step of the treatment was easy and comfortable. Bless you all. We are healed.
— K.B - June 2019
I am very pleased with my experiences at Namaste. I believe that the treatment was beneficial and the entire staff has been great. We feel that we all have new friends.
— F.C - June 2019
My experience at Namaste was wonderful. It is comforting to know you are in the hands of experts that know what they are doing. The staff was caring and friendly. I feel much better having had the treatment, and I will continue on the shots. I don’t want to leave!
— G.C - June 2019
I believe Dr. Stacy Mulkey saved my life! She is very smart and practical. I love her! This was my first acupuncture experience and Molly was great! I loved the hydrotherapy, as well. Aaron is supportive, gentle, kind, and smart. Julie thought of details that made the experience excellent! Linda is very sweet and has a big heart! Ciara is very knowledgeable and helpful. I really appreciated it! Cyd is very friendly and very accommodating. She was always smiling! My experience at Namaste was great and I am so glad that we came!
— K.B - March 2018
Being at Namaste was an absolutely awesome experience! All of the staff are so incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I know that God led me to you to complete my healing! I feel stronger every day - more energy! Thank you for the attentive and individualized care. Love, love, love Namaste Health Center! You guys rock!
— S.I - February 2018
Namaste is a gem that shines brighter with each caregiver. My experience was truly outstanding compared to any other healthcare I have received. Each caregiver is informed, sensitive, and gifted. The Namaste team works together to create, administer, and follow up on the best path to my personal health.
— C.T - November 2017
The facility was very warm and comfortable. The staff was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Namaste offers a variety of treatment options that all fit to a common goal of health and wellness. I was appreciative of the communication between staff. Everybody worked together to achieve the same goal: That you receive the best, individual treatment possible.
— L.R - September 2017
Overall, I’ve been pleased with my treatments at Namaste. The staff have been wonderful and very patient about what they do.
— J.H - August 2017
Namaste is transformative. I love the integrative approach, mind, body, and spirit. My sessions were absolutely life-changing.
— T.H - September 2017
Our overall experience at Namaste was peaceful and comfortable. Everyone on the staff went above and beyond. From Dr. Stacy bringing water to our campground to the friendly greetings we received from the staff everyday. It was all positive and wonderful.
— A.S - August 2017
My experience was outstanding. The staff were all very welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed being here everyday. The personal care I received was amazing. It was very direct and thorough to my body and its needs. Feeling like there was hope and more things that could be done to help me was what I enjoyed most. It has been a relaxing, peaceful time here in Durango. My time at Namaste has been a joy and a blessing.
— Y.D - August 2017
Everyone at Namaste was beyond what I expected. They were warm, caring, and truly here to do everything possible to help you. They all make you feel right at home.
— S.M - July 2017
I have been touched deeply at the sincere caring at Namaste. It is a wonderful oasis on our journey to healing. I have enjoyed learning from, getting to know, and connecting with the people.
— B.E - July 2017
I thought Namaste was great and my father feels better. The treatments were 1st class and we had a very positive experience. I think my father especially enjoyed Molly and her acupressure/hydrotherapy.
— J.S - July 2017
Namaste is very welcoming and has a relaxing environment. The entire staff made my husband and I feel at home, and they were always there to answer any questions we may have had.
— C.G - June 2017
After sitting in the waiting room of day one, I realized that this place is different. The staff is very professional and caring. My overall experience is nothing less than a 9 out of 10. The explanation of treatments and their expectations has been outstanding. They treat everyone with dignity and respect. This is the only clinic I look forward to visiting. It is wonderful being treated and cared for as a person and not a number. I have and will continue to recommend Namaste to others.
— T.B - June 2017
The concern, the patience, skilled hands, and gentle touch have all made it an amazing and a worthwhile experience for us.
— P.A - May 2017
Namaste is fantastic, in one word. The whole well-being experience has been very rewarding and educational.
We came from NC and the team was so thorough in preparing their treatment and prescriptions. It was a very professional, but down to earth, week.

I also enjoyed the knowledge that was given to us to better our health. We were given tools that were realistic and insight to improving our preventative approach with cancer.
Each facet of treatment gave valuable insight into what we needed to add to our current regimen and what we needed to change.
— L.S - May 2017
It was wonderful here! The staff were extremely supportive and caring. I had complete trust that I was in the best hands. The treatments were great, scheduling and rescheduling was easy, and the facility was really comfortable. From day one, I felt very welcomed and at home with everyone I encountered.
— G.S - May 2017
My experience at Namaste exceeded any expectations I had prior to arriving. The staff is so caring and compassionate, you can just feel the love and positive energy. I leave here physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger and much improved!
I specifically appreciated the kindness of the doctors and staff. Everyone is caring and compassionate, and truly cares about the patients here! They all go above and beyond to make sure patients are comfortable and well cared for.
— J.D - April 2017
The clinic welcomed me with open arms and hugs. Felt like family!
— A.T - April 2017
My time at Namaste was great! I felt like I was taken care of very well. I feel stronger and better overall.
I also liked the hospitality. Everyone seemed so happy when we were here. Treatment wise, I enjoyed the acupuncture and hydro-therapy.
— J.A - March 2017
Namaste was excellent! I really appreciate all of you! I also feel that you were very accommodating with scheduling and procedures.

I enjoyed my massage very much! And your office is very comfortable - and so was I. I also enjoyed seeing and talking with everyone in person.
— I.D - April 2017
Namaste Health Center has a top team of practitioners. Their knowledge, experience, and compassion surpassed my expectations 10-fold.
Thank you!
— M.V - February 2017